5. Conclusion

Research Conclusion

Literature Review Conclusion

From our Literature Research, here's a conclusion and compilation of our  literature sources.

Starting from April 6, public transportation companies are introducing fare hikes that affects all commuters except children below the age of 7. Despite the reasons that it was done to reduce traffic on the road at peak hours to reduce traffic congestion, Singaporeans are angered and displeased with the increase in the sum charged for riding in a public conveyance.

As such, 300 protested against this fare hike at Hong Lim Park, all of which was organised by Mr Gilbert Goh on a media platform, transition.org. Reasons being that there are too frequent train/bus breakdowns and poor service. SMRT is a government aided company while SBS Transit is a company by ComfortDelgro which receives an annual $1.1 billion (SGD) subsidy from the government. Many see no need for a fare hike because of these reasons.

The Public Transport Council (PTC) released details of the first fare revision since 2011 and also announced that the public transport operations will contribute $11.58 million of their additional $53.5 million increase in revenue to a fund meant to shield the poorest households from fare hikes. They also announced a slew of changes to bus and train fares and concessionary schemes that will come into effect on April 6. The council has also lifted the daily limits on train rides for train and hybrid monthly passes, which means users of these passes can take an unlimited number of rides per day.

Survey Conclusion

Our survey was sent out via social media platforms, and also sent to the secondary ones and twos of our school.

In general, the responses were such that the current services are acceptable and understandable. However, there can be better transportation services in Singapore. There was also the occasional angry response that they are incredibly displeased with the transportation in Singapore.

Final Conclusion

Our answer to our research question is, "Yes".

From our research, we can conclude that the fare hike, although unreasonable, is able to help provide a better traffic flow for just a few dollars more every year. The protest of 300 were also understandable.

However, with old tracks and low maintenance on the North-south line, it is also inevitable that the trains tracks are to have fault. There should be more reinforcement and maintenance of old train tracks scheduled, especially after the fare hike is implemented.

This way, the qualms can be solved and the displeased Singaporeans are able to enjoy train rides without worries as well as less opposition in the soon-to-be implemented fare hike.

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