4. Results (Survey)

Research Results

Survey Results

We received about 30 responses for our survey questions. Not really hitting the quota of 50 responses, but we'll make do with what we have and we will formulate our results from our surveys!

1) Do you take public transport to school?
Majority of the people, about 85% of the replies said yes.

2) Do you think that the transportation fare is too high?
This had a more even response, with almost 60% of them denying this.

3) Would you rather the fare of public transports to...
70% of the replies had wanted a decrease in the transportation fares.

4) Comment on the level of service you encounter in public buses
There is a common reply of the crowds during peak hours, as well as the irregular bus times. There are slight problems with the lack of seats. But in general, bus driver were said to be pleasant and polite.

5) Comment on the level of service you encounter in MRT stations
Packed trains with regularity in stopping between major stations. However, staff are polite with the exception of some disgruntled workers.

6a) What is your opinion on bus, MRT and interchange staff?
Approachable and it can be better. They do their job just fine, where the absence of greetings from the staff is acceptable as it is understandable that they cannot greet every single customer.

6b) Do you feel the above opinion can be improved?
In general, the thinking was that this opinion cannot be changed. However, there is need for some staff to be more situationally aware and greet them.

7) If there was a single thing you could do to make transport better in Singapore, what would you do?
Maintenances for the trains, more routes and roads for buses. More buses and trains for a decrease in waiting time.

Generally, the responses were such that the current services are acceptable and understandable. However, there can be better transportation services in Singapore. There was also the occasional angry response that they are incredibly displeased with the transportation in Singapore.

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