3. Methods (Survey)

Research Surveys

Survey Questions

We are to design, write and send out some survey questions to get at least 50 replies.
And here are our finalised survey questions! We have already sent them out via email and social media platforms (e.g. Facebook).

1) Do you take public transport to school?
(Yes or No)

2) Do you think that the transportation fare is too high?
(Yes or No)

3) Would you rather the fare of public transports to...
(Increase, Decrease, Remain the same or No opinion)

4) Comment on the level of service you encounter in public buses
(Give answer box)

5) Comment on the level of service you encounter in MRT stations
(Give answer box)

6a) What is your opinion on bus, MRT and interchange staff?
(Give sentence box)

6b) Do you feel the above opinion can be improved?
(Give sentence box)

7) If there was a single thing you could do to make transport better in Singapore, what would you do?
(Give sentence box)

And that's it!

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