1. Introduction

Research Question

Hello! We are Group E of S2-09 (2014), and this is our research question.

The research methods and results can be found in tabs 1 to 4. A conclusion and compilation of the results can be found in tab 5. Our sources are cited in tab 6.

Annex A is our research proposal, including data from tabs 1 and 2. Annex B is the raw results from our research, as well as the compiled conclusions. This includes data from tabs 2 to 5. Annex C is the slides for our oral presentation of our research studies.

Question Formulation Mindmap:

Final Question:

Is there a need for a fare hike, given the status of public transport in Singapore?

Research Justification



Research topic: Transportation in Singapore

Chosen area of focus: Is there a need for a fare hike, given the status of public transport in Singapore?

Framing our research topic

We have decided to do a research on “Transportation in Singapore”. We have chosen this topic as Singapore is currently having a fare hike and many people are talking about it. Also the fare hike in Singapore has already caused disputes and even a protest at Hong Lim park.

Reasons for choice of topic

- The train transportation system failure is one of the main discussion in Singapore.

- The fare hike of transport is one of the main discussion in Singapore.

- We want to know more on why is there a need on fare hike.

- We want to know more on different people’s perspective on the fare hike.

- This research would be able to help people of the public and the politics to know more on the each others view towards the fare hike.

Feasibility of the research

- There is a need of the research as many people have different views to this and sometimes would misunderstand each other. For example some people would be saying why is the company doing this, their reasons are not really appropriate, they just want to take more money from us, but on the other hand the company might have a really good reason.

- It is possible for the research to be carried out and be complete as there are many different kind of people in this country that we can access, interview or survey on.

- The proposed course of action is logical and realistic as it can be done by the help of the public who would be willing to do the survey and the hard work and effort by our group.

- The research provides sufficient opportunity for generation of ideas, as we will constantly have to think of ways to do certain things in the project. As for the analysis and evaluation of ideas, we will certainly have many opportunities to analyse information and evaluate ideas on how to go about deciding what to do next.

Manageability of the research

- The timeline for the different component of the project will be decided based on the situation then. But overall, the project will be done as quickly and carefully as we can, trying our best not to go out of point and staying as close to the topic as possible.

- This research provides sufficient opportunity for group work as we will need to discuss a lot of matters for this project, like assigning roles and working together to make decision.

- We do know there will be difficulties along the way such as communication and lack of data, we intend to overcome these through having good relationships and collecting our data on Google Drive first before uploading them.

Accessibility of the information required

- Information and knowledge that are relevant to our research would be the feelings of the public towards the fare hike and the views of the political party.

- We would be obtaining these information from primary sources and secondary sources. Mainly we would be obtaining the information from surveys, depending on the reliability of the information.

- Some problems we would have while gathering the information would be that the information may not be entirely relevant. If that happens we would have to trim down the information and take the relevant ones.

- Another problem would be that we may not have enough people who are willing to do the survey, however, we will try our best to give out all the surveys we printed to willing people, also there are many Singaporeans so, we should be able to get enough information.

- We would be using closed ended questions to allow relevant and more data to be collected.

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